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Congratulations! Mr. Yan Ping from VT-Industrial Tooling Division was awarded the title of Chief Technician of Wuxi Enterprises Year 2023!

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    Recently, the list of Chief Technicians of Wuxi enterprises was announced. Mr. Yan Ping of VT Indus-trial Tooling Division was honored to be on the list.


    As a Die Assembly Supervisor of VT Industrial, Mr. Yan Ping always pursues excellence with a tena-cious spirit and constantly improves his skill level. Since joining VT Industrial for over 16 years, Mr. Yan Ping has led team members to the OEM plant many times to participate in home line support and tool on-site delivery. He has won unanimous praise from customers, and won the "Best Award" in 2016 and 2020. "Team Award", "Best Contribution Award in 2018" and other honorary titles.

   Winning the title of Wuxi Chief Technician is not only an affirmation of Mr. Yan Ping's personal ability, but also recognition of the company's work in cultivating skilled talents. As an enterprise that focuses on talent training and technological innovation, VT Industrial not only provides employees with abundant t-raining resources, but also helps professionals achieve career development through a variety of effect-ive methods.




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