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As the predecessor of VT Automotive Stamping Technology (Wuxi)LTD., VT-Warren Automotive Stamping Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013. It was joint venture company by the mold solution provider VT Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and leading automobile manufacturer Warren Industries Ltd. With the principle of Customer-first, Quality-first, and the management philosophy of people-oriented, VT-Stamping aims to combine the high-quality mold technology of VT Industries with the engineering capabilities of its Canadian partner Warren Industries, providing the world-class solutions and products to the automobile manufacturers and their component manufacturers provide from worldwide.


VT-Stamping currently provides high-quality automotive stamping parts, welding parts, assembly parts and a series of supporting services for automakers and their component manufacturers around the world. The above-mentioned products are ultimately used in a series of imported or domestic vehicles such as Volkswagen BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GM, and Audi, etc. As a high-quality supplier of stamping parts, welding assemblies and mechanical assemblies, VT-Stamping is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. In order to adapt to market development, VT-Stamping actively improves the level of industrial automation, increases the added value of products and meets customers' higher requirements. At present, the manufacturing center of VT-Stamping has been well equipped with a series of automatic manufacturing equipment such as automatic conveying system, automatic welding center, riveting center and visual production management system to ensure high precision, high stability and high efficiency, which ensure the uniform quality standards during the mass production.


As a joint venture by VT Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and Means Industries Inc. in 2021, Means VT (Wuxi) Powertrain Technologies Co., Ltd. is established to quickly deploy the core components of automotive transmissions, transmission systems and braking systems in China. With the introduction of advanced molding technology from his parent companies, Means-VT is benefiting from the localization process of transmission system components in the Chinese automobile market and the release of localized production capacity of major transmission system manufacturers. The establishment of Means-VT can actively optimize the company's product structure and enhancing comprehensive strength.





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